Sep 17

The Artist in Crawley, as 2014 Season Gets Going

After what seems an age, the players of the PDC elite pro tour got back to business this weekend, with the 128 players travelling to Crawley to take part in a double header player championships event.  Kevin started the weekend seeded 21st.

Players Championship 13
September 13 2014, K2 Centre, Crawley

Round 1:   Kevin Painter (21) 6-5  Brian Woods
Round 2:   Kevin Painter 6-2 Nigel Heydon
Round 3:   Adrian Lewis 6-2 Kevin Painter

Players Championship 14
September 14 2014, K2 Centre, Crawley

Round 1:   Kevin Painter 6-3 Jason Lovett
Round 2:   John Bowles 6-3 Kevin Painter

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