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Back to the Darts; The Artist at German Darts Championships

Back to the Darts; The Artist at German Darts Championships

german darts championshipTHE PDC ProTour returns to action this weekend with the year’s sixth European Tour event, the German Darts Championship at Halle 39 in Hildesheim.

The 64-player, £100,000 tournament will be the first ranking tournament since July’s BetVictor World Matchplay in Blackpool, and will see play across three days at Halle 39, which is staging its first event.

The first round will be split across two sessions on Friday, with play held on two stages at the venue. The second round will be held on Saturday, with the third round on Sunday afternoon before the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final take place on Sunday evening.

Kevin joins the action as a seed in the first session, Friday afternoon, against fellow pro tour member Kevin Dowling on the main stage in front of probably thousands of German darts fans.  Unfortunately this tournament is NOT on TV, but we will obviously update scores here as they happen.   Kev has been busy on the exhibition circuit and practising to keep his focus on his game – and will be looking to do some damage in this first return to the circuit.

2013 German Darts Championship

September 6-8, Halle 39, Hildesheim

Round 1:  Kevin Painter 6-4 Kevin Dowling

A close game.. Kevin’s 10×140’s probably being the main difference.  At 5-4 and with the throw Kev starts the leg really well. but leaves 3 .. he gets two goes at the dreaded 1 d1.. and hits second time for the win and to go into round 2.

Round 2:  Kevin Painter 6-4 Wes Newton

At 2-1 with throw, Kev takes out 50 and breaks for an early lead, 3-1, but then a bad start to the next throw sees Wes break back.  It’s a tight game from that point, going with throw.  Then at 5-4, Kev starts 140, 140, 125 on the Wes throw.. and hits 57 c/o to win the game.

Round 3:  Kevin Painter 6-4 Justin Pipe

The first leg is very nervy, as it can be between two friends.   Justin breaks after 21 darts…  There were no 100’s from the Artist leg 1, then hits 140,100,180 on JP’s throw, but The Force hits 165 then 16 for the 2nd leg.  A second 180 for JP and he leaves 61 on the Painter throw, but Kev takes out 104 to hold.  On Justin’s throw Kev starts 136, 180.. pressuring the JP throw, and it’s a break back to level the game 2-2.  Kevin’s great scoring continues, a 140, then 137 on his throw and a 98 c/o to take the lead for the first time, 3-2.  Justin’s turn for a good leg, 140, 140, 100.. but gets stuck on the horrible 1 d1 left, and Painter breaks.   Justin holds in 12 .. then starts 180, 140, finishing with a 36 c/o to level the match 4-4.  Kevin hits another 180 himself and hits his 8 finish second time of asking to go 5-4 up.   Kevin runs out the winner after taking out 88, Justin missing his doubles to hold throw.

Round 4:  Kevin Painter 5-5 Dave Chisnall 

The first three legs go with throw – although Kevin had a dart to break in the third.  The 4th leg Kev hits 100, 140, 180, and tidies up for a great leg.  2-2.  The game continues with throw – unfortunately Chizzy won the bull so Kevin needs to break… Kevin takes it to the decider, but can he break?  No Chizzy manages to hold on, so Painter’s great run is over.  

Kevin will be playing next Saturday in Barnsley at the next Player Championships weekend.

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