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Darts webmaster, part time darts journalist, and huge darts fan. Host and run many darts pro's websites, as well as my own Darts, Beers & Cheers! fansite. Play badly for Stilton Country club, still to find the darts which will throw for me! I probably spend far too much time and money following the darts, but what else would I spend it on? I possibly shouldn't mention here I'm a Posh fan :-)

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Kevin Painter backs Darts Family

Alex Roy world champs 2011

Kevin Painter backs Darts Family  Today saw true sportsmanship, friendship and respect for fellow players shine through with Kevin Painter stepping in, to help fellow PDC player Alex Roy continue his dream of playing PDC darts in 2013. Sponsorship is often crucial to help dart players fulfil their dream and sadly Roy lost a sponsor …

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