Euro Tour 2; Painter in Germany

The stage at euro tour 2 Germany

The stage at euro tour 2 Germany

Kevin travelled to Germany this Easter weekend for the 2nd European Tour event of 2013, with a £100,000 prize pot, and £20K first prize.

Kev had a European qualifier in the first round, and while there are no easy games, he was everyone’s favourite to win through…

Round 1:  Kevin Painter 6-0 Mario Gaisbauer

A solid first round result, with The Artist putting in a scoreline his fans would expect.

Round 2:  Nick Fullwell 6-4 Kevin Painter

Kev was very disappointed with this loss, although he wished Nick all the best after playing well.  The round was notible for low averages across the board, it was very unusual for no player to score over 100 ave at this level – suggesting all the players were struggling with something about the throw or venue.

£1,000 won from the weekend’s work, and Kevin will look to win more in the next ProTour event in Wigan in a couple of weeks time – two more UK Open qualifiers, with all players looking to qualify well for the Bolton finals in June.

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