The Artist Joins with UK Sports Management Team

The Artist Joins with UK Sports Management Team

Kevin Painter joins UKSMUK Sports Management Ltd are delighted to announce another management deal with one of the world’s greatest darts players, Kevin ‘The Artist’ Painter .

Kevin is currently ranked number 12 in the world with the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) and has a determination to move up the rankings within the next 12 months.

Hertfordshire based UK Sports Management fended off interest from a host of other competitors to sign up ‘The Artist’ and believe they are best placed to help Kevin improve on the last 12 months, which has seen their newest client climb into the global top twelve.

Kevin Painter is both one of the world’s most recognised darts players and characters on the oche, with a huge experience of playing elite darts for many years.

His famous 2004 World Championship final against Phil Taylor is seen as one of the greatest televised games of all time.

The Artist won his first TV Tournament – The 2011 Players Championships at the Doncaster Dome – which then led on to him appearing in the 2012 Premier League Darts on Sky Sports, in front of huge live crowds of up to 9,000, and hundreds of thousands on live TV.

Kevin is known not only for his skill with the tungsten, but also his ‘true grit’ on the oche, and also being a dedicated Ipswich Town supporter. Kevin also had 25 England International Appearances before he joined the PDC, which of course he’s very proud of.

Paul Weller, CEO of UKSM, commented “At UK Sports Management, we have the professional experience and expertise to structure credible and sustainable management support programmes, sponsorship opportunities and many other revenue generating opportunities to allow our sportsmen and sportswomen to benefit financially whilst allowing them to fully focus on their career development”.

“I very excited and am confident that this great new management deal will help me achieve my goals of becoming world number one and I know I can achieve this with the great backing of my new management team”. – Kevin Painter

If you would like to take advantage of any sponsorship or exhibition opportunities with ‘The Artist’, then please contact UKSM at –

UK Sports Management Ltd
Red Sky House, Fairclough Hall, Halls Green, Weston, Herts.  SG4 7DP.
Tel: 0845 519 5550
Email: [email protected]


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Painter on the ProTour; Player Champs 3&4

Painter on the ProTour; Player Champs 3&4

The busy time on PDC pro tour continues, with Kevin yet again playing two Player championship events in Wigan.

The top 8 players in the world will miss the event (Although Wes Newton may make Sunday), due to them being away in Dubai, so the rest of the elite players, The Artist included, will hope to take advantage and have a long run, hopefully bagging the £10,000 top prize each day!

Players Championship 3 Saturday May 25
Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan

1st Round:  Kevin Painter 6-3 Reece Robinson
2nd Round:  Kevin Painter 6-4 Joe Cullen
3rd Round:  Kevin Painter 6-5 Colin Lloyd
4th Round:  Kevin Painter 6-5 Vincent van der Voort
1/4 Finals:  Kevin Painter 1-6 Jamie Caven

A great first day run, beating some good players, losing out to a bang on form Jabba, who went on to win the entire event.   £1,500 put on the rankings today, and another day to go!

Players Championship 4 Saturday May 26
Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan

Round 1:  Kevin Painter (20) 6-3 Lee Palfreyman
Round 2:  Kevin Painter 5-6 Dennis Priestley

The Artist loses to the legend who is Dennis Priestley.

The ProTour set-up

The ProTour set-up – Painter hoping for a good weekend

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The Artist on Tour; German European Tour Event 3

The Artist on Tour; German European Tour Event 3

Painter vs Barney in Germany

Painter vs Barney in Germany

Kevin Painter travelled with Justin Pipe to the third European Tour event in Germany, where The Artist hopes to take home the £20,000 first prize on offer, which would be a great confidence booster just before next month’s UK Open in Bolton.

Kevin was drawn to play in the first Friday afternoon session, on the main stage in front a large German crowd.

The entire event is being streamed live by the official PDC stream; you can sign-up for just £2.99 a month to watch this, and many other events and highlights.

Round 1:  Kevin Painter (95.08) 6-3 (84.7) Dave Pallett

A fantastic performance by The Artist, hitting 7×180’s and a 95+ average in his win. 

Round 2:  Kevin Painter 1-6 Raymond van Barneveld

Another four 180’s for Kev, but it’s not his night.

The Dussledorf venue

The Dussledorf venue before the fans were let in

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Painter on the ProTour; Player Champs 1&2

Painter on the ProTour; Player Champs 1&2

A busy time for Kevin and the rest of the PDC pro tour at the moment, with weekends coming thick n fast.  This weekend just gone saw Painter play in Wigan (again!) in the first two Player Championship events, with the elite 128 tour card holders playing for £10,000 top prizes.

Players Championship 1
Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan – May 4

Round 1:  Kevin Painter (26) 6-2 Magnus Caris
Round 2:  Kevin Painter 6-2 Michael Mansell
Round 3:  Kevin Painter 6-5 Ian White
Round 4:  Kim Huybrechts 6-1 Kevin Painter

£1,000 won day 1, which is a great solid start.

Players Championship 2
Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan – May 5

Round 1:  Kevin Painter (28) 6-3 Lee Palfreyman
Round 2:  Andy Pearce 6-3 Kevin Painter

£250 won on day 2.

Join the Artist

Don’t forget, with the UK Open finals coming early June, that Kevin has sponsorship patches available on his shirt – and being world number 11 and a very well known ex-premier league player, any association with ‘The Artist’ will bring your company great exposure.  Get in touch here to discuss becoming a sponsor.

Sponsor Kevin Painter

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UK Open and Euro Tour, Plus Player Champs Starts for Painter

UK Open and Euro Tour, Plus Player Champs Starts for Painter

Speedy Services UK OpenThe darts are hotting up for the pros on the PDC Tour, and we are coming into a busy time for Kevin, as he returns to Wigan (again!) this coming weekend for the first Player Championships floor tournament of the year.

UK Open qualifying is now complete – with Kevin making Bolton inside the top 32, meaning he manages to avoid the very tricky early rounds (the first is the best of 7 legs, a real lottery!).   See the rest of the top 32 below…

Kevin has qualified for all the TV tournaments in 2013, including the Grand Slam of Darts, and is looking for sponsors to come and join ‘Team Artist’, and gain a tremendous amount of exposure live on Sky Sports.  Kevin is a household name – one of the enduring characters in darts, and his shirt patches are prime marketing locations – get in touch if you are interested in sponsoring one of the worlds greatest darts players.

There’s still plenty before Bolton though, as the professionals all breathe a sigh of relief that the ‘fully open draw’ UK Open events are now over!  It’s back to the 128 tour card holders now, with a seeded draw to reward those in the top 32, such as Kevin of course!  Still, there are no easy games in the PDC any-more, so Kev will be ‘head on’ in Wigan next Saturday, looking to do some damage on the oche.

Sandwiched between those two events is the 3rd European Tour event, in Düsseldorf on May 17-19th.   The draw in Wigan saw The Artist picked to play a relative newcomer to the PDC, David Pallett.   Kevin is seeded 27th for the event, and will hopefully play in the main stage in front of what will probably be thousands of cheering German fans.  With £20,000 first prize at stake, it’s a major target for all the pros on the tour.

If you wish to hear inside news or even interact with Kevin – you can on his personal and official twitter; @OfficialKP180, as after a break, he is back tweeting with his legion of fans.

Final UK Open Order of Merit
Top 96 players (plus ties) all qualify for Speedy Services UK Open Televised Finals

Current Position Player Name Total Prize Money
1 Michael van Gerwen £35,600
2 Robert Thornton £10,400
3 Kim Huybrechts £9,600
4 Peter Wright £9,400
5 Simon Whitlock £9,200
6 Gary Anderson £6,800
7 Mervyn King £6,600
8 Ronnie Baxter £6,400
9 John Part £6,200
10 Brendan Dolan £5,800
11 Michael Smith £5,600
12 Dave Chisnall £4,400
13 Jamie Caven £3,600
14 Jason Hogg £3,400
14 Adrian Lewis £3,400
16 Ian White £3,000
16 Wes Newton £3,000
16 Terry Jenkins £3,000
19 Stuart Kellett £2,800
19 Kevin Painter £2,800
21 Andy Hamilton £2,600
21 John Bowles £2,600
21 Paul Nicholson £2,600
24 Steve Beaton £2,400
24 Raymond van Barneveld £2,400
26 Ross Smith £2,200
26 Ronny Huybrechts £2,200
26 Kenny MacNeil £2,200
26 Colin Lloyd £2,200
30 Kevin McDine £2,000
30 Scott Rand £2,000
30 Mark Webster £2,000

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Painter Back in Wigan; UK Open Qualifiers 5&6

The Artist is back on the Pro Tour with two more days in Wigan, where he is looking to build on his UK Open qualification prize money.  Kevin is more than safely qualified with the money won in the first four qualifiers (currently joint 11th with £2,600), but with the prize money now also adding to the main rankings, every pound counts towards that world ranking.

Speedy Services UK Open Qualifier Five

First Round:  Kevin Painter 4-6 Wayne Jones

A very tough first round draw – with Jones playing some great darts – sometimes the luck just isn’t there in these open draw events.  Kevin’s 94+ average would win many games in a prelim/1st round – but unfortunately not today.  Tomorrow is another day tho….

Painter loses to Wayne Jones uk open 5

Speedy Services UK Open Qualifier Five

1st Round:  Kevin Painter 6-5 Connie Finnan
2nd Round:  Kevin Painter 6-1 Justin Pipe
3rd Round:  Kevin Painter 1-6 Ricky Evans

£200 more added to the UK Open qualification pot.

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UK Open 2013; Qualification Watch

speedy services uk opeWith record numbers of darts players taking part in this year’s UK Open qualifiers, and the completely open draw nature of the PDC pro qualifier days, it’s harder than ever to qualify for the 4 day finals event in Bolton.

The total amount require to qualify is currently unknown, but some say it may be the same as last year (£600), or possibly closer to the £800 mark.

Kevin will obviously be aiming to win enough rankings £’s to skip the first dangerous night, when pros mix with the Speedy Services amateur qualifiers.  Don’t be fooled, as some of those could well be BDO county players, or quality players who cannot afford to play the pro tour, but have the game to take some scalps.

The Artist heads back to Wigan for two more UK Open floor events on 13th & 14th of April, and then again for the final two on the 27th and 28th.  With up to £6,000 for a win, a run to a semi-final or two would do very nicely, but nothing can be taken for granted on these LONG days (the number of boards has been upped to 24 to stop the days ending after 9pm!).

Painters Progress to Date:

UK Open Qualifier 1 (Crawley)
Prelim: Kevin Painter 6-1 Lee Palfreyman
Round 1:  Kevin Painter 6-3 Mark Dudbridge
Round 2:  Peter Wright 6-4 Kevin Painter – £200 won

UK Open Qualifier 2 (Crawley)
Kevin Painter 6-1 Stuart Kellett
Round 1: Kevin Painter 6-4 Wes Newton
Round 2:  Kevin Painter 6-1 Joe Murnan
Round 3:  Kevin Painter 6-2 Kevin Dowling
Round 4:  Kevin Painter 6-1 Arron Monk
1/4 Final:  Kevin Painter 6-5 Ricky Sudale
Semi Final:  Dave Chisnall 6-3 Kevin Painter – £2,000 won

UK Open Qualifier 3 (Wigan)
Mark Walsh 6-5 Kevin Painter

UK Open Qualifier 4 (Wigan)
Prelim:  Kevin Painter 6-1 Alan Tabern
Round 1:  Kevin Painter 6-1 Denis Ovens
Round 2:  Kevin Painter 6-2 Ryan de Vreede
Round 3:  John Part 6-5 Kevin Painter – £400 won

Half way through the 8 qualification events and Painter is joint 11th on £2,600, which means qualification is already reached, so Kevin can relax and play his game in the last 4 events.

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Euro Tour 2; Painter in Germany

The stage at euro tour 2 Germany

The stage at euro tour 2 Germany

Kevin travelled to Germany this Easter weekend for the 2nd European Tour event of 2013, with a £100,000 prize pot, and £20K first prize.

Kev had a European qualifier in the first round, and while there are no easy games, he was everyone’s favourite to win through…

Round 1:  Kevin Painter 6-0 Mario Gaisbauer

A solid first round result, with The Artist putting in a scoreline his fans would expect.

Round 2:  Nick Fullwell 6-4 Kevin Painter

Kev was very disappointed with this loss, although he wished Nick all the best after playing well.  The round was notible for low averages across the board, it was very unusual for no player to score over 100 ave at this level – suggesting all the players were struggling with something about the throw or venue.

£1,000 won from the weekend’s work, and Kevin will look to win more in the next ProTour event in Wigan in a couple of weeks time – two more UK Open qualifiers, with all players looking to qualify well for the Bolton finals in June.

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Kevin ‘the artist’ Painter, Official Site

Welcome to the Official Website of Kevin ‘the artist’ Painter!

Kev Painter wins Player champsHere you will find all the news, results, exhibition details, and all the info a fan of the Artist could ask for. Kevin Painter is one of the worlds most recognisable darts players and characters on the oche, with a huge experience playing elite darts for many years.  His famous 2004 world championship final against Phil Taylor is seen as one of the greatest televised games of all time.

The Artist won his first TV Tournament; The 2011 Players Championships at the Doncaster Dome, which lead on to him appearing in the 2012 Premier League darts on Sky Sports, in front of huge live crowds of up to 9,000, and hundreds of thousands on live TV. Known for not only his skill with the tungsten, but also his ‘true grit’ on the oche, and also being a dedicated Ipswich Town supporter. Kevin also had 25 England International Appearances before he joined the PDC, which of course he’s very proud of.

Check on Kevin’s results here, or if you wish to get in touch, be you a potential sponsor, looking to book an exhibition, or just a well-wisher, use the contact form here.

If you are on twitter, you can interact with Kevin on his official account here -> @OfficialKP180, as after a short break he is back on twitter with inside news, his personal views, and probably some Ipswich town thoughts.

Buy the new Kevin Painter ShirtBuy Kevin’s Official Playing Shirt & Darts

Want to look the business on the oche or when you watch the darts?  Kevin’s brand new design official playing shirt is now available, and Kevin is selling them direct to you signed specially for you!

If you want one of these collectors items, or maybe his new Winmau signature darts, available in 22g and 24g weights, visit his new official merchandise shop.


Kevin is a regular on Sky Sports and ITV4, taking part in most of the televised PDC darts tournaments, and that’s a massive opportunity for any company or business to gain huge exposure of their brand on prime time Sky Sports (and the associated photos will will appear in national newspapers and websites).

Kevin always represents his sponsors with pride, ensuring he helps bring you value for money when you join his team.  Get in contact ASAP as The Artist has space available on his shirt currently for a prime sponsor.

Get in touch here – or read more about sponsoring an elite darts professional like Kevin here.

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The Artist Featured on the Football League Website

If you know anything about Kevin Painter, you’ll know he’s a true and dedicated Ipswich Town fan!   If there’s one thing that gives him pleasure, it would be teasing the Norwich fans on the PDC Pro Tour 🙂

Kev was featured on the Football League website as a ‘Famous fan’  (original article here)

Famous Fans: Kevin Painter

Kevin at the MatchplayWhen you’ve grown up watching a club compete in Europe, seeing them struggle at the wrong end of the npower Championship can be a frustrating challenge.

Yet as Ipswich Town fan and 2011 Darts Players Championship Finals winner Kevin Painter explains, you have to experience the lows to enjoy the highs.

And while he admits his beloved side found it hard at the beginning of the current season, a far cry from when he first became hooked by the Ipswich teams of the late 70s and early 80s, Painter says he lives in hope of good times returning to Portman Road.

“It’s a long time since we’ve seen really good football,” 45-year-old Painter said. “We’ve had two stints in the Premier League, but that was 10 years ago, after we got promoted beating Barnsley in the Play-Offs.

“It feels like a long time ago. The last four or five years have been hard and we’ve seen several managers come and go.

“But Mick McCarthy has stopped the rot somewhat. I like him. I actually liked Paul Jewell as a fella, it just didn’t work out for him, same as Roy Keane. McCarthy gets teams out of this league, he’s a great manager in my opinion.

“I’m like any football fan; you want to see your team do well but you’ve got to go through the bad times.

“I’m there as much as I can around my darts commitments. I buy my season ticket out of loyalty. I went to seven home games last year. My mates think it’s hilarious – I buy a season ticket and they end up going more than me with it.”

The npower Championship table remains very close, with Ipswich only three points behind 11th-placed Burnley.

Painter believes the margins between success and failure can be very small in football and, if Ipswich could just find a way out of the npower Championship, there are success stories to suggest his beloved Tractor Boys could compete on the nation’s top table once again.

Unfortunately for Painter and his fellow Ipswich fans, one of those is near rivals Norwich City.

“I don’t really worry too much about what Norwich are doing. They’ll obviously gloat at the moment and that’s what rivalry is all about, but I just want to see Ipswich challenging near the top. We used to be in and around the Play-Offs all the time and it was exciting.

“If we could get into the Premier League I think we would be ok, it’s just getting out of this division, it’s so hard. Everyone beats everyone else.

“But you’ve seen Norwich and Wigan Athletic managing to survive in the top flight, which suggests we might be ok should we get there. We have a decent squad, so we should be doing better than we are.”

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