Painter Back in Wigan; UK Open Qualifiers 5&6

The Artist is back on the Pro Tour with two more days in Wigan, where he is looking to build on his UK Open qualification prize money.  Kevin is more than safely qualified with the money won in the first four qualifiers (currently joint 11th with £2,600), but with the prize money now also adding to the main rankings, every pound counts towards that world ranking.

Speedy Services UK Open Qualifier Five

First Round:  Kevin Painter 4-6 Wayne Jones

A very tough first round draw – with Jones playing some great darts – sometimes the luck just isn’t there in these open draw events.  Kevin’s 94+ average would win many games in a prelim/1st round – but unfortunately not today.  Tomorrow is another day tho….

Painter loses to Wayne Jones uk open 5

Speedy Services UK Open Qualifier Five

1st Round:  Kevin Painter 6-5 Connie Finnan
2nd Round:  Kevin Painter 6-1 Justin Pipe
3rd Round:  Kevin Painter 1-6 Ricky Evans

£200 more added to the UK Open qualification pot.

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